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Ronalb SRL, leaders in agricultural projects.

Ronalb SRL is the agro-export branch of a group of firms that develop different activities related to agriculture in Argentina.
A company that prepares and markets dry grains of different qualities for human consumption or forage, condiments and seeds.

“More than 30 years adding value in agribusiness”

Rogelio RenzoneCEO

“Innovation and quality at the service of the producer”

Ingrid SternerCEO

Our story

The story begins in the heart of the Argentine Humid Pampa, with agricultural producers descended from European immigrants settled in the fields near the port of Rosario. At that time they worked with the main crops in the area: peas, lentils, wheat, soybeans, corn, sunflower.

Around 1990, in addition to operating in the domestic market, it was decided to enter international trade. New special products, originating in the same region and in other areas of the country and abroad, were added in order to diversify the offer.

Ronalb today

At present, the RONALB SRL group operates in agricultural activity, producing dry grains for human consumption or forage, condiments, seeds.

It stores, processes and supplies the domestic and foreign markets with its own raw materials and those of third parties. Its main commitment is to offer producers and consumers professional and personalized attention.

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